christmas flowers

Christmas Flowers 2021 – Stunning Specials!

Where to buy Christmas flowers? Somerset Postal Flowers! We have some beautiful, stunning Christmas flowers for delivery in 2021.  Highly original, super artistic with a musical flow.  So read on my friends for unique Christmas flowers to send UK ! 

1.  The feel of Christmas ! 

     Based on our ever popular Gardeners Choice.    Local organic seasonal garden flowers and foliage topped up with some of the following to make the flowers more luxurious .  Roses, alstromeiria, freesia, lisianthus and various lily varieties .   Hypericum,  witch hazel , honeysuckle and cornus still producing in our gardens.    Now gardeners everywhere love to plant bits and bobs and we are always delighted with the success of the green fingers.   Including a sprig of hebe which grew so big it nearly blocked the front door according to one lady ! Embellished with recycled and reusable wrap , raffia , ribbon, message card and compostable flower food sachet.

£ 25.  £35. £45 or £60 sizes available.

2.  Nostalgic natural Christmas Bunch

Based on our equally ever popular Natural Bunch.     Pretty as a picture , unassuming and simple.   With some of the above and the addition of glorious twigs , leaves and hedgerow.   Bringing the outdoors inside. Some of the most gorgeous Christmas flowers to be delivered this year!

£20.  £25  £30  and £40 sizes available.

3. The Artist’s Wonder for Christmas 

Elegant and unusual . No two bouquets are the same.   Beautiful shrubs coupled with lichen covered twigs and amaryllis.   Or plentiful roses mixed with cornus and evergreens.  Evoking a gorgeous Christmassy smell.  Or eucalyptus bark , Christmas roses and gentle sweet smelling freesia and honeysuckle.   The combination is endless ! Hand crafted Christmas flowers to send to your loved ones.

£30  £40 £50 and £60 sizes available.

All prices include P&P; in other words: Christmas flowers with free delivery!   We try very hard to accommodate your preferred arrival date and of course our overnight delivery to all parts of Britain and our local delivery will all arrive in time for Christmas.   It is never too early to order and we really look forward to hearing from you when you are ready! 

Send us an email below, or call (+44) 01984 618314

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